Yogini Arunadevi

Founder director Yogini Arunadevi is a renowned yoga expert who was trained by Swami Saraswati Teerthananda Swami, Yogananda Swami and Ramananda Swami. She did masters in Psychology-Counselling; Diploma in Yogic Sciences from Bihar School of Yoga and Annamalai University Chidambaram. She has participated in nationwide yoga competitions. She was trained in Hathayoga from BKS Iyengar Institute, Pune and Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Pune. She has a bachelor’s degree from Dr. Ambedkar College, Hyderabad. She also has a diploma in Acupressure from International College of Acupuncture Colombo, Srilanka. And she is a trained Supplements and Diet Advisor in TIENS, China.

She has been rated as one of the top female yoga teachers in the world, a certified yoga practitioner and Author of “Arogyaniki Arunayoga”. She was conferred with prestigious awards like Yoga Rathna, Yoga Saraswati, Yogini, Bharatha Mahila Siromani Award, Mother Teresa Award and many more for her achievements in Mudra Therapy, Vedic Yoga Chikitsa and for propagating traditional yoga. Wonder Book of Records, Telugu Book of Records and State Book of Records listed Yogini Arunadevi for floating in the posture of ‘Matsya Asana’ for 100 mins and reciting Yoga Sutras.

Yogini Arunadevi is one of the top yoga gurus in India, who treats her patients by ancient Vedic Yoga techniques in order to detox and relieve from stress related issues like BP, Diabetes, Thyroid, Arthritis, Skin problems, Sleep disorders, Spondylitis, Obesity, Hormonal problems. Her motto is to reduce the dependence of Allopathy medicines in a holistic way. Yogini Arunadevi has been a leading guru and health revolutionary in India for over three decades.

She trained numerous students and 2000+ yoga teachers from India and abroad and helped them establish and run yoga schools successfully.

Yogini Arunadevi has a wide reach of audience with her popular programs in Telugu TV Channels and Newspapers and established her own loyal followers in India and abroad.


Yogini Arunadevi’s inspiration from early days has been her great grandmother – Yogini Sadamma, a Siddhayogini; and grandfather Nekkanti Ramadasu from Achanta, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. 

Siddhayogini Sadamma was a well known Spiritual and Yoga Guru from South India during the 1940s and taught Yoga to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. With this inspiration, Yogini Arunadevi has established Arunayoga Foundation in the year 1990.


To set up a full-fledged International Yoga and Naturopathy University to offer diploma, graduate and post-graduate courses using India’s Guru parampara way of learning to attract students from around the world. The University will offer both on and off-campus courses in English, Chinese and Arabic; complete with research facilities and herbal gardens to develop and train a new generation of Yoga and Naturopathy practitioners.


  • Awarded Yogaratna by Gandhi Gyan Mandir

  • Awarded Yoga Saraswathi by Sir CV Raman Academy

  • Awarded Yogini by Yogananda Swami

  • Entered in Wonder Book of Records, state Book of Records and Telugu Book of Records – for floating on water in ‘Jala Matsya Asana’ for 100 mins and reciting 50 Yoga Sutras

  • Author of a Telugu book – “Arogyaniki Aruna Yoga”

  • Produced a yoga DVD of 4 hours duration

  • Compilation of 3 DVDs including health-related problems and their solutions

  • Awarded Bharatha Mahila Siromani by Health Care International – Hyderabad

  • Mother Teresa Award by Health Care International – Hyderabad

  • Participated in national level yoga competitions

  • National level Volley ball player (1986-1998)


  • Diploma in Yogic Sciences from Bihar School of Yoga

  • Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University, Chidambaram

  • Hathayoga training from BKS IYENGAR INSTITUTE, Pune

  • Hathayoga training from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Pune

  • MS in Psychotherapy & Management Sciences, Mumbai University

  • B.A from Dr. Ambedkar College, Hyderabad

  • Trained as Supplements and Diet Advisor in TIENS, China

  • Diploma in Acupuncture from Medicina Alternativa Institute – International
    College of Acupuncture, Sri Lanka

  • Diploma in Aromatherapy

  • Diploma in Beautician Course

  • Diploma in Cosmetology


  • Has been conducting Health Awareness programs for Women & Kids in rural areas since 1996

  • Has been conducting Health Awareness programs for Youth in colleges, volunteering campaigns to fight against depression and drugs.

  • Spreading awareness of health and pollution by conducting 10K cycling events every year

  • Conducts yoga programs for Television Media like ETV, GEMINI, VANITHA and MAA TV

  • Comes live on air on All India Radio and Rainbow FM.

  • Writes articles for Newspapers like Eenadu Health portal, Eenadu “Vasundhara”

  • Writes for “Yoga Psychology” monthly magazine

  • Teacher in Yoga and Naturopathy.

  • Conducts certified courses for Yoga Teachers Training in India and abroad

  • Conducts summer camps for children to enhance creativ- ity, eyesight; improve memory and concentration

  • Organizes retreats and treks for Women, Children, Professionals, etc..

  • Conducted yoga classes for political leaders like MLAs & MPs

  • Former secretary of Lions Health Club

  • Member of college athletics team throughout graduation and post-graduation

  • Awarded “Athletic of the year” at college sports meet


  • Conducted special sessions for prestigeous Institutions like Imarat, DRDL, ICRISAT, TCS etc..

  • Conducted yoga workshop for women in Eenadu group with emphasis on women health issues

  • Stress management for the employees for Government of Hyderabad at the Secretariat

  • Health and personality development for staff of Andhra bank at Andhra Bank Apex staff training college

  • Conducted workshop to manage stress for staff of ICICI Bank Hyderabad

  • Organizes recreational yoga retreats once a year to historically and spiritually prominent places to relieve stress

  • Conducted open forum style panel discussion for Gandhi Medical College students

Television programs by Yoga guru Arunadevi

Wonder Book of Records and Telugu Book of Records – for floating in ‘Jala Matsya Asana’ for 100 mins and reciting Yoga Sutras