Daily Classes

Yoga is not just a science. It’s a philosophy and a way of life. Yoga was developed as a way to achieve harmony between the mind, body and soul on the path to divine enlightenment. Yoga has a practical benefit of strengthening immunity, of preventing and curing many diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, and alleviating chronic pains caused by physical injuries and other health problems.

We conduct daily yoga classes for all age groups with emphasis on women, children, professionals and elderly. Based on the individual capacity, level and needs, we offer classes in Hathayoga, Vinyasayoga, Sukshamayoga, Kriyayoga, Ashtangayoga and Competitiveyoga, including Prenatal and Postnatal yoga.

Our daily classes consist of –

  • Practice and Techniques of Shat karma (Cleansing techniques)

  • Practice and techniques of Asana (Physical postures)

  • Practice and techniques of Pranayama (Breathing practices)

  • Practice of Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation)

  • Practice of Dhyan (Meditation)

  • Mantra chanting







Morning Schedule:

6 AM – 7 AM

7 AM – 8 AM

8 AM – 9 AM

9 AM – 10 AM

10 AM – 11 AM

Evening Schedule:

4 PM – 5 PM

5 PM – 6 PM

6 PM – 7 PM

7 PM – 8 PM