Ayurvedic Stress-relief

How can we enjoy all things we are striving to achieve, if one is lacking for energy? Stress is the greatest threat in this modern society, the root cause of a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, tiredness, increased anger, relationships problems, eating disorders, depression, inability to focus, stress headaches, insomnia and a variety of stress-related diseases. Are you coping with one or more of the list above then this program can be of great help.   

Daily Schedule

05.30 – 06.30   Pranayama / Meditation
06.45 – 08.15   Hatha Yoga Practice
08.30 – 09.30   Yoga Theory (tue – sat)
10.00                Brunch
11.00 – 14.00     Anti Stress Treatment 
13.30                 Fruit snack
15.45 – 17.00    Yoga Therapy  (mon – fri)
17.00 – 18.00    Meditation
18.00                Dinner
21.00 – 05.30    Silence

Weekly treatments for stress-relief may include:

  • Intake session and daily guidance by our Qualified Ayurvedic Therapist 

  • Yoga Therapy class (mon – fri: mix of asanas, breathing techniques & yoga nidra)

  • Basti (Healing Ayurvedic Oil Treatments)

  • Ayurvedic massage with herbal oil to take out all stress of the muscles

  • Healing massage

  • Shirodhara treatment


  • Greatly relieves stress and strain

  • Increases peace of the mind and decreases hypertension, anxiety, tiredness, anger.

  • Improves harmonious sleep and makes the brain more fresh and healthy.

  • Helps to develop a positive attitude towards life.


Yes there are moments of Silence. In general we ask our guests to speak less and stay as much in silence as possible to tune within.

Yes, there is time for reading, reflecting, feeling inner and outer space. During your stay we strongly recommend to stay tuned within and therefore to not be busy with sightseeing, shopping etc. For the benefit of your practice going out in nature is soothing. There is time to take walk among the beautiful lush green woods.

  • comfortable outfits for yoga practice

  • mosquito spray 

  • small torch with batteries

  • slippers and socks

  • comfortable shoes for walking in the area

  • a copy of your passport

We have yogamats, meditation pillows and meditation blankets.

specified per season

Dec – Jan – Feb

  • layers of comfortable warm clothing like:

  • woolen vest

  • thermal underwear

  • warm socks

  • lighter clothing for daytime.

    Mar –Apr – May    

  • spring and summer clothes 

  • something warm just in case (only in March)

  • a cap for sun protection and a pair of sunglasses

    Jun – Jul – Aug

  • light summer clothes

  • light raincoat and umbrella are recommended.

    Sep – Oct – Nov

  • spring clothes for morning and evening time (Oct & Nov)

  • light clothes for daytime

  • something warm, shawl & vest (Oct & Nov)

  • a cap for sun protection

The following things are not allowed during our detox programs –

  • Cell-phones or electronic gadgets

  • Internet

  • Office or personal work

  • Plastic

  • Chemical products like toothpaste, bath soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.

  • Tobacco, alcohol, outside food or drinks

Cancellation is allowed only until 15 days prior to the start of the program. Any deposit paid in advance will not be refunded if cancelled after that.